Music On Hold Australia

Corporate IT


James says:
Hi guys, we're due to  complete roll-out of our new VOIP systems across all branches and require regular updates of various pre-recorded info spots for several inbound queues.
We require access to updating the files ( as CCIT Alaw 8bit 8khz)  and would like to avoid being invoiced each time, is there some way you can provide us with voice files on tap?
I have used your services before in another role and would like similar professional voices if they're still available?"


We say
"Thanks James.
Voice on Tap! we like your style.
We understand the need for corporate ad-hoc changes and have packaged well-costed IVR files starting from minimum volume of 100.
We offer you a full voice cast and are happy to say that we make all attempts to provide you with the same voice over for your brand, subject to force majeure of course!
Some accounting paperwork is required, and once all approved, we'll activate an online account for you to keep a history of all your files and add your new scripts.
If you need any new music loops you can buy those too, and all files supplied will be format as CCIT Alaw 8bit 8khz pcm mono for your VOIP solution. How many files do you think you will need in a 12 month period?"