Music On Hold Australia

Corporate Marketing


Tracey asks:
"We’re currently sourcing a national solution, to replace various CD players, radios and boxes plus have some ads regularly updated.  We’d like it to be a managed service.  At the moment all our sites have different things, and we’d like to be consistent and hopefully implemented by the end of month.
Can you please provide us with a quote for both new systems and ads as soon as possible.
We have 27 sites in total."


We say:
Thanks Tracey.
27 sites in our MOH Multi-site management model, means 1 HQ and 26 Locations.
Based on all your sites having the same national corporate message, we can have your new MOH ads (MOH-Promo) recorded and recommended players (MOH- BX100’s) shipped within 7 days. If you’d also like us to install the units we can arrange that for you too.
Our Accounts department will establish a 30 Day Account via email on quote acceptance.
Your nominated Head Office contact will be given a customer  reference number (CRN) and your 26 sites will be given a location reference number (LRN).All site details including phone system model, contacts etc can be updated by authorised personnel  for easy centralised Multi Site MOH Management.
Our Multi Site specialist will be in contact shortly."