Music On Hold Australia

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Carlo’s email read:
"Hi , I Just want to pay once for music that I can use straight away as the tech is here installing my new phone system. Do I buy just one track? Or how many should I buy?
Am not interested in getting messages on hold just music on hold."



We reply with:
"Thanks Carlo.
We recommend just one track for now as each track is a minimum of a few minutes.
If your phone requires a specific file type – be sure to check out some of our pre-formatted Loop Options. You only need to buy multiple tracks if your system can play multiple files. So why not just buy what you need now – as a online login is created so you can come back anytime. We’ll keep you posted on new music releases so you won’t miss out on knowing what’s happening.
We do suggest that you consider our professional recorded Voice Prompts (MOH-AASL), which includes a Welcome Greeting and an After Hours files. These are not for on hold, but rather they guide your callers through your business phone. That way you can sound as good as gets as we strongly advise not to voice your own prompts."