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Sally says:
” I know how important it is to have my Business sound as good as it looks. …and I  know my callers would not appreciate holding to a poorly crafted production….I also know that when running a small business, value for money is paramount. I’d love to promote and cross sell my  goods & services to my clients as much as possible though I’m not sure how often I  would like to update…. What I do need to do asap is replace the radio that was installed a while ago.”



We say:
“Thanks Sally, the best thing for you is to start by replacing that radio
to avoid annual licences, with our easy to use  DP700.
You can then add, now or later, an MOH-Promo which is a fully customised production about your products & services.
Either or both,  can be purchased online now, and we can ship your Dp700 straight away.
When your product arrives, just call us and we’ll help you through replacing your radio with your new commercial Mp3 Player!
Simple. And if you do choose the MOH-Promo later – then that’ll just be available for drag & drop onto the USB when it’s completed. Easy!
If down the track you wanted to update = you just buy an MOH-Edit online or take up a Monthly Payment Plan.
Either way, we’re here to help