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Terms of Website Usage

Use of this Web site means you agree to our Terms & Conditions of Usage (“Terms”). 
If you do not agree with these terms you should leave this Web site (the "Site") immediately, not use the files herein, and/or not subscribe to this service. 
This Site is owned, hosted and operated by Business Music & Voice Pty Ltd. (“Music & Voice”)

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Music & Voice has taken careful measures to develop web material in accordance with current standards and accepts no liability for the guarantee or safety of information provided across the Internet.  

Music & Voice is committed to our client’s privacy. 
We respect and protect the privacy of the personal information of individuals we deal with.
Music & Voice does not give outside organisations the right or permission to view and/or use our client database. We will not sell or disclose personal information to other organisations, for marketing purposes.
Music & Voice will forward personal information to service providers where required in order to facilitate transactions, Business Insurance or where obligated by Australian or International Laws.

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This Site contains copyright protected music and productions (collectively the "Content") which is owned by Music & Voice Business Communications. 
It is illegal to duplicate, download or distribute any Content from this Site except for your use, and you are subject to the Per Location Agreement. You may not use any Content in any other manner that for any other use, unless by express permission by Music & Voice. Any Content downloaded by you from this Site, including, without limitation, any files, are as a Per Location Agreement to you by Music & Voice. 
You may not redistribute or sell the content. 
Downloading the Content does not transfer title to the Content, or any intellectual property rights therein, to you. 

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Changes to Approved Scripts
Prior to any recording, Music & Voice will seek a written Script appoval. Digital approvals accepted.
Any changes to Approved scripts attract charges. These charges will be billed through your MOH Authorised Reseller.


A per Location exemption from Annual Broadcast Licencing is granted to the address of where the PABX resides. If you require copies for additional locations, please seek authorisation from Music & Voice before breaching copyright. Charges apply.

Terms & Conditions for Music On Hold PROMO
1) The copyright owner of the production remains Music & Voice (Music On Hold Australia).

2) You are authorised to use copyright protected production for a lifetime at the Location specified and strictly for use as Music On Hold only.
    If copies or alternate use is required, additional fees apply. 

3) Under no circumstances is the production permitted to be copied, reproduced or broadcasted withour expressed written authority, nor is it permitted to resell, distribute or duplicate.
    If copyright breeched legal action can be taken. 

4) installation is not included.

Return to Base Warranty

All Music & Voice Hardware comes with a 2 year Return To Base Warranty.
All consumable items such as Discs, Flashcards, USBs are not covered under warranty.

Music & Voice will not accept goods for return without a completed End User Returns Form.

Goods returned without a signed Return Claim Form are not accepted. 
All transit costs related to Return Goods are to be covered by you.

Any Goods received, that are not playing our music/productions, will be tested with our Content only.

Any goods received that have not been troubleshooted by your Authorised MOH Resller before returning to us, and that are found in working condition will attract a bench test fee.

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