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Return To Base Warranty Form

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Important Note # 1
 If you receive a product that appears to have been "Damaged in Transit" - that is, damaged in transit from us to you - you should:-
- refuse to accept delivery of the product,
- direct the courier to "Return goods to sender" and
- notify our Customer Service staff immediately.
Events such as wilful damage, misuse, unauthorised repair or tampering with a product may prevent a product being accepted for return or warranty repair or replacement.


Important Note # 2
Please ensure that you fully troubleshoot non-working goods as best you can before you send them back for Service.
Goods that are received in working condition are charged a Bench Test fee for the allocated labour & technician time.



Return To Base Warranty means all transportation costs to & from customer are to be covered by customer.

All Prices exclude 10% GST
Service 1:   Faulty MOH Hardware received with all cables & a Reply-Paid Envelope for return =           $0   no charges
Service 2:   Faulty MOH Hardware received without original accessories & cables                                 $30 min charge per replacement
Service 3:   Faulty MOH Hardware received without Reply-Paid Envelope                                                $30 min charge postage & handling
Service 4:   Working MOH Hardware received                                                                                             $59 Bench Test Fee


Music & Voice reserves the right to refuse any returns that:
- are incomplete or missing parts; or
- are not returned in their original packaging; or
- show signs of physical damage to the product or its packaging; or
- are received with incomplete documentation; or
- that do not have a serial number

1. Transportation Costs are not covered by Warranty. All transit costs, to & from customer premises, related to returned goods are to be covered by customer. Please supply a Reply-Paid Australia Post envelope for prompt return of goods. If a Pre-Paid Australia Post envelope is not included, transport charges apply.

2. MOH-Accessories (USB sticks, Flashcards, CD’s & Power Packs) are not covered by warranty as they are consumable items.

3. MOH-Hardware Only is covered by a 24 month Return To Base Warranty

4. Goods returned without a signed Return To Base Warranty Claim Form are not accepted.

5. Any Goods received, that are not playing our Content, will be tested with our Content only. Customer is responsible for data (audio) backup before send goods back for repair. Music & Voice is NOT responsible for data loss for any reason including; in the event of hardware failure while in service or in the event the hardware drive is formatted to repair the operating system.

6. Unless Music & Voice has been asked to carry out paid work for formatting of non-proprietary Content,  charges may apply if audio received requires reformatting to play correctly.

7. Serial number labels must be not be tampered with. Any removal or tampering with Serial numbers voids warranty.

8. Unauthorised repair or upgrade voids warranty.

9. Disconnection & Reconnection of the LIU to the phone system is the responsibility of the customer.

10. Returned MOH-Hardware under warranty found faulty, will be replaced with new-MOH-Hardware. Warranty period is not renewed and ceases on the original warranty period , 24months after the original invoice date. Accessories are not covered by Warranty. If Accessories are found faulty Music & Voice reserves the right to quote for replacement of Accessories.

11. For goods to be returned to customer after Service, all/any related charges must be accepted and/or paid for beforehand.

12. Returned Goods are kept on test for a minimum of 24 hours before being returned. Loan units are available if required, during testing time.
       Please contact us for rates & charges of Loan units on 02 8999 1400


 Maintenance Agreements & Extended Warranties
We offer Annual Maintenance Agreements and Extended Warranties on all new Systems.
If you would like more information please contact us on 02 8999 1407


Return To Base Warranty Form

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