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Yes!! Our Music On Hold (MOH) products and services work with all business telephones systems.
Modern phones systems often do not require external MOH Players as the (digital ) files can be loaded directly into the phone system.
Older telephone systems and some current models do require an external MOH Player.

If your Phone System does require an external MOH Player, all our players come complete with a Line Isolation Unit (LIU) required to interface your MOH Player to your Phone System.
You may need third party installation if you're not sure how to plug the external MOHPlayer into your Phone System. If so, we're happy to locate a professional near you to assist. Any install charges can be paid directly to the installer.
Our entry level MOH Player is the DP700 which is preloaded with 30mins of our legal music valued @ $395.00 ex gst / ex delivery no more to pay.
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If your Phone System does not require an external MOH Player and you can load digital files into your Phone System ( eg: Mp3 or WAV) then you just need to buy either: Music Only Loops &/or Tracks OR an MOH-Promo, which is a customised message about your business' products & services.
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Eitherway, if you need any help, please call us so we can find out about what you need and direct you to the right MOH solution.

The short answer is Yes of course, but you need authority and charges may apply.
Suggestions for additional use are:
1)  on your web*
2) in your power point presentations*
3) in your store as background music*
4) in a radio ad*

*Additional Charges Apply.
There are many ways we can design great sounds for your business..
Please email us any requests you have regarding the use of our music in other for other areas of your business.

A SPOT is a professionally voiced customised promotional or informative paragraph.
Our On Hold Messages generally have 5 SPOTS.
Each SPOT is approximately 40 words or less, and is used to promote your business and cross-sell your Products & Services.
SPOTS are mixed together as a single file, with music intervals between each one.
Click here to read about our 5 x SPOT  Promotional On Hold Message (MOH-Promo) 

A FILE is a professionally voiced customised Greeting that guides or informs callers,  like a Welcome Greeting, an Overflow Greeting, or an After Hours Greeting.
A FILE can be mixed with or without music.
FILES can also be called Prompts / Announcements / Greetings or Auto Attendants. 
Click here to read about our 3 x FILE Single Level Auto Attendants (MOH-AASL)


Most music in the world requires an annual Licence when used in a Business.
In Australia, to use commercially released music in your Business, for On Hold, you must pay licences to both: Australian Performing Rights Assocation (APRA) & Phongraphic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA).
This is because the music is generally the property of someone else (i.e.: songwriters, performers publishers & record companies) who wants to be paid when you broadcast their music in your business, for the benefit of your clients.
This means that their music is being ‘publically performed’ and all the involved owners: songwriters, performers, publishers & record companies expect a royalty.
Paying these 2 x annual fees is expensive. Not paying them means you can be fined.

Our music is legally better for your business because when you play our music on hold your business is exempt from APRA & PPCA On hold annual licences.
The benefits stack up; like:
a) you only have to pay once per site
b) you’re not required to pay any agency to use it
c) you’re dealing directly with the copyright owners (us) , not a reproduction company and
d) if you want to use the music for other purposes ( radio, web etc) its easy to ask us directly, rather than risk it!
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If your Promotional On Hold message (MOH-Promo) is done correctly, you may not need to update it very often at all.
Be careful of companies who expect you to update frequently.
You don't change the look of your business card or flyer every month, so unless you genuinely have products & services that are seasonal, then you may only need to update when something occurs, like a new website, a new manager, a new product etc.
Our Updates are Edits. Same thing.
Basically if you update your MOH-Promo , which is your Master File, then it's Editing it.
You can prepay for edits (MOH-Edits) or you can just login anytime and click Update and your current script (Promo) will apear for you to be able to unlock the SPOTS that you want to edit.
Our MOH-Edits include 2 x SPOT changes which is more than enough !

Click here to read more about Updating your Promotional On Hold message (MOH-Edit)


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