Our difference is that we take time to listen to you which means we really help you when choosing the best product for your business.

There will always be phone calls because we all like to speak.
Transferring & putting callers on hold is part of your business life.

We have been supplying business grade music & voice solutions since 1984. We solve telephony content issues ranging from silence on hold, to cost effective multi-site management.

Our music genres include: Chill / Lounge / Jazz / Blues / World / Dance / Easy Listening / Rock
Companies large and small invest a lot of money on telephony solutions and yet often overlook the caller experience. When you consider your customers’ experience within your telephony solution, you’ll find that adding some nice music and professional voice overs is really easy, and we’re here to help you achieve that.

Our music is 100% APRA & PPCA Licence-Free.
To see samples of the Licences you will be exempt from, please click on the following links

To read more about our  Licence Exemptions please click here.

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Our Creative Development
If you chose to add voice over to your music selection (a customised production) you may want to download our Creative Script Development form.
An average music on script will have 5 spots mixed with approx 15-20 seconds of music in between.
All productions are mixed to broadcast quality in mono for your telephone system. 
The production process is 3 easy steps: 
1) Script Development (with assistance from our script writers)
2) Music & Voice selection
3) Final Audio Approval.
Getting started is easy.

Promotional Flexibility
We offer either ‘Pay as you Go’ options or ‘Monthly Payment Plans’.
Both options offer Music files, Promotional and Guiding Messaging.

Adapt your messages to your current campaigns & sales strategies as you need.
Call us today on 1300 553 991 to discuss options.

Professional Voices
We have access to Australia’s premium voice talents, all having diverse abilities to read in character, corporate or friendly tones.
Click here to sample our current Voice Overs

Digital MOH Players
All our Digital playback systems come complete with
– A Line Isolation Unit: to plug directly into an existing Music On Hold Socket.
– Back to Base Warranty

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We believe Music On Hold is an vital addition to your telecommunications & marketing investments
A 30 Day money back guarantee is standard policy on all our digital hardware products.

Business Music & Voice Pty Ltd, was previously known as
North Supply Business Communications, founded 1984.
Music On Hold Australia is a division of Business Music & Voice Pty Ltd