Is your music copyright protected?

Yes, our music will always remain under our ownership and copyright protected.
Copyright- Free, Royalty Free & Licence-Free are all different things.
Copyright- Free doesn’t “really” exist; Royalty Free music is often still under APRA & PPCA jurisdiction so annual licences are still required to use it legally.

Our music is Licence-Free – which means any location playing our music is exempt from Australian annual PPCA & APRA public broadcast licences

We own our music 100%.
When you work with us, your dealing direct with the copyright owner
This is why we supply so many Australian businesses.
Confidence is a good thing.

Once you pay to download the track (and any other options or add ons)  you will receive a Licence Exemption certificate from us, formally stating that your business is exempt from annual APRA / PPCA fees.
To read more about our Licence Exemption we will issue you click here.
To read more on our copyright please  click here for our full Terms & Conditions.
Or if you really really really need to own the music outright – call us for a chat – we have tailored solutions!  1300 553 991




Can I use your music in other areas of my business?

Yes of course. Simply select the other media options, like web, radio, tv, podcast when you check out.
For eg: Web Media add-ons is $19.00 ex gst.

Do you draft the music on hold scripts?

Yes! We’re happy to help with the draft script. Download our Script Development form to get us started.

How do I know if we need to update our MOH?

If you’re unsure, it’s best to start with your MOH-Promo then update when something changes. Edits (updates) to Promos are from $225.00 ex gst within 24months.

If we would like additional messages, how much will that cost?

Additional MOH-Promo spots are charged at $65.00 ex gst

What is a Music On Hold Promo (MOH-Promo)?

An MOH-Promo is your master customised on hold audio file containing 5 voiced-paragraphs (spots) mixed with music intervals. It’s designed to loop so your callers can hear all the good things about what your business does.

What is the creative process for customised productions?

First step is getting the script right. Once the script is ready to record, we’ll send you music & voice recommendations. On your approval, we then schedule your job into the next available session.
This can generally take a day or two.  We’ll then send you a preview file to play on your PC and on your reply approval – we’ll send your file/s , in the audio format specified for your system, either digitally or via post.


Are there any contracts?

Only monthly subscription plans are contractual.
If you’d like to know more about subscriptions, please contact us by telephoning 1300 553 991 or Contact Us

Can you send an Invoice for EFT?

Yes, if the value of your invoice is over $200 ex gst we can arrange an invoice and ship goods on payment.

Do you offer multisite discounts?

Yes! Please contact us to discuss your multisite needs by telephoning 1300 553 991 or Contact Us

How often do we have to pay?

Unless you choose a subscription package, you pay once and play forever!

Is there a set-up fee?

Nope. No Set up fees.
You may need installation and we can help arrange that for you. The approved telephone technician will be you directly for installation.


Are Domestic Mp3 players suitable for commercial non-stop use?

No. While they can be functional at the beginning, they’re not built to go the distance nor cope with the hard yakka of all-day, every-day.

Can I buy your services from my phone system dealer?

Yes. Please contact us to see if your dealer is part of our wholesale network by telephoning 1300 553 991 or Contact Us

How does Music On Hold work?

There are several ways. Phone systems either have an internal file, an external source like a usb player or a link to a data source.

Is there a set-up fee?

Nope. No Set up fees.
You may need installation and we can help arrange that for you. The approved telephone technician will be you directly for installation.

What Does BYO Player mean?

This just means that you have a device from an alternate supplier.

What is included when I buy a digital player?

Both our DP400 and DP700 come complete with:
– Music pre-loaded onto the media storage (Flashcard or USB )
– Line Isolation Unit ( to connect to phone system)
– Power Pack and
– Return To Base Warranty.

What is the Warranty on the players?

For DP400 the Warranty is 2 years.
For DP700 the Warranty is 1 year.