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If you’re looking to improve your existing music on hold ( MOH) this solution is perfect. It Includes:
1 x MOH-Promo
3 x MOH-Greetings

$699.00 ex gst

This great offer is a total of 4 x digital audio files. One will be for your On Hold ( MOH-Promo) with the other 3 x Greetings for eg: Welcome Greeting, Busy Message, After Hours message.

Our Creative Process
To get started download our
Creative Script Development form.
Music On Hold – Script Development Form

The production process is 3 easy steps: 
1) Script Development (with assistance from our script writers)
2) Music & Voice selection
3) Final Audio Approval.
Getting started is easy.

The MOH-Promo script will have 5 Spots (each Spot is approx. a 40 to 50 word paragraph) with music from our library mixed in. Music intervals are approx 15-20 seconds.
The MOH-Promo will inform your customers about you, your products and your difference.

Your Greetings (MOH-AASL) are 3 separate Voice-Only files that guide the caller.
They need to be concise.  You’re welcome to have them mixed with music if you like.

All digital files are bounced to broadcast quality in mono for your telephone system. 
Please advise the digital audio format that you require.
If you’re unsure please call us on 02 89991400

Download and complete the form below after checkout and our Production Team will get started on your new Music On Hold Promo and Greetings.

Music On Hold – Script Development Form